business excellence Suite (5 modules)

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. We've all heard that saying, but in both personal and business life, it really is true. Being a business leader that people can count on to make the right decisions and execute their visions and plans is the difference between the winners and the followers.

Getting the best out of other people begins with you as a business leader. Knowing and applying the essentials of business effectiveness is a beginning, but it also takes knowing where you're going and how to get there.

These 5 modules on business effectiveness will help you build strong teams and lead them to success, through maximizing organizational effectiveness and results.

Leadership Excellence (How To Develop The Skills of Successful Leaders)

Length: 40 minutes
  • Topic 1: Great Leaders
  • Topic 2: Learning To Be Leaders
  • Topic 3: Leadership Qualities List
  • Topic 4: Behaviors & Actions of Great Leaders
  • Topic 5: Leadership Inhibitors
  • Topic 6: Leadership Best Practices

Vision and Values (Leading with Passion and Purpose)

Length: 34 minutes
  • Topic 1: What is a Vision Statement?
  • Topic 2: Assessing Your Statement
  • Topic 3: Aligning Visions
  • Topic 4: Integration of Your Vision Statement
  • Topic 5: Values North Star

Strategic Planning (How To Build a Profitable Department or Company)

Length: 44 minutes
  • Topic 1: The Strategic Plan
  • Topic 2: Strategic Planning Process
  • Topic 3: Four Steps of a Strategic Plan
  • Topic 4: Keys to a Successful Strategic Plan
  • Topic 5: Avoid Pitfalls

Performance Metrics (How To Measure What Matters)

Length: 22 minutes
  • Topic 1: What is a Performance Metric?
  • Topic 2: Performance Management Pitfalls
  • Topic 3: Process for Developing Metrics
  • Topic 4: Testing the Quality of Your Metrics
  • Topic 5: Arrow Charts

Driving Innovation (Paradigm Principles of Success)

Length: 20 minutes
  • Topic 1: Changing Paradigms
  • Topic 2: Principle #1 – Be open for change
  • Topic 3: Principle #2 – Listen to others
  • Topic 4: Principle #3 – Keep an open mind
  • Topic 5: Principle #4 – Change your beliefs


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