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Meeting new people and building strong relationships is essential in both business and in life in general. Knowing how to network and create great first impressions can be learned and put to use quickly.

Knowing who you are dealing with is essential in understanding people's communication preferences, and personality profile. Knowing how to deal with those difficult people in life, is another critical skill, that when mastered, will serve you well for the rest of your life.

There are many different cultural and generational differences that you must learn to adjust to for effective communication. Knowing how to resolve conflict and build agreement is another life skill, that when mastered will help build communication bridges instead of walls.

These 5 modules on relationship effectiveness will help you strengthen rapport and personal results with many different types of people.

Networking & Relationship Management (Building Business Connections)

Length: 36 minutes
  • Topic 1: Business Networking Overview
  • Topic 2: How To Network
  • Topic 3: Networking Tips
  • Topic 4: First Impressions
  • Topic 5: Elevator Statements
  • Topic 6: Building a Network
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Personality & Behavioral Styles (The Four Temperament Types)

Length: 47 minutes
  • Topic 1: Personality Style Overview
  • Topic 2: The Four Basic Personality Styles
  • Topic 3: Insights into the Four Personalities
  • Topic 4: Powerful Red Triangles
  • Topic 5: Popular Yellow Stars
  • Topic 6: Peaceful Green Circles
  • Topic 7: Perfect Blue Squares
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Dealing With Difficult Behaviors (Bringing Out The Best In People)

Length: 50 minutes
  • Topic 1: Difficult Behaviors
  • Topic 2: Difficult Behavioral Patterns
  • Topic 3: Agendas & Ideas
  • Topic 4: Opinions & Feedback
  • Topic 5: Advice & Execution
  • Topic 6: Results & Excuses
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Conflict Resolutions (Dealing with Challenging Conversations)

Length: 43 minutes
  • Topic 1: Conflict Resolutions
  • Topic 2: Conflict Strategies
  • Topic 3: Resolving Conflict
  • Topic 4: You in Conflict
  • Topic 5: Team Conflict
  • Topic 6: Resolving Impasses
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Managing Diversity (Cultural & Generational Differences in the Workplace)

Length: 50 minutes
  • Topic 1: Introduction to Diversity
  • Topic 2: General & Cultural Differences
  • Topic 3: Generational Collision
  • Topic 4: Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
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