history of u.s. mints suite (5 modules)

After the American Revolution, our Founding Fathers realized the critical need for a respected monetary system, that would not only symbolize American independence but also create circulating coinage for the United States to conduct its trade and commerce.

The U.S. Mint was created by Congress with the Coinage Act of 1792, and the first Mint building was constructed in Philadelphia, which then the capital of the United States. Then with the discovery of gold in the South three Branch Mints were approved by President Andrew Jackson in 1835, located in Charlotte NC, Dahlonega, GA, and New Orleans LA... All which were closed during the Civil War.

The Gold Rush and discovery of Silver in the West spurred the Creation of additional Branch Mints in San Francisco CA, Carson City NV, and Denver CO, and in the East, the newest Mint facility is the West Point Branch, which is now only production facility for gold, silver and platinum American Eagle coins.

Enjoy the rich history and fascinating stories of the U.S. Mints and our American coinage, which fuels the wheels of commerce, and has made coin collecting our national favorite past time.

U.S. Mint at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1793 To Present)

Length: 38 minutes
  • Topic 1: The First Philadelphia Mint
  • Topic 2: The Second Philadelphia Mint
  • Topic 3: The Third Philadelphia Mint
  • Topic 4: The Fourth Philadelphia Mint
  • Topic 5: The Philadelphia Mint Today
Launch Course

U.S. Mint at Charlotte, North Carolina (1835 To 1861)

Length: 26 minutes
  • Topic 1: North Carolina Gold Discovery
  • Topic 2: The Need For a Local Mint
  • Topic 3: Creation & Construction
  • Topic 4: Coin Production
  • Topic 5: Disaster, War & Demise
Launch Course

U.S. Mint at Dahlonega, Georgia (1838 To 1861)

Length: 55 minutes
  • Topic 1: Georgia Gold Discovery
  • Topic 2: Local Private Mints>
  • Topic 3: Mint Creation & Construction
  • Topic 4: Dahlonega Coin Production
  • Topic 5: Troubled Times & Decline
Launch Course

U.S. Mint at New Orleans, Louisiana (1838 To 1909)

Length: 51 minutes
  • Topic 1: Creation & Strategic Location
  • Topic 2: Mint Design & Construction
  • Topic 3: Coin Production & Problems
  • Topic 4: Civil War Woes
  • Topic 5: Revival, Decline & Rebirth
  • Launch Course

U.S. Mint at San Francisco, California (1854 To Present)

Length: 38 minutes
  • Topic 1: California Gold
  • Topic 2: Private & Assay Minting
  • Topic 3: First SF Branch Mint
  • Topic 4: Second SF Branch Mint
  • Topic 5: Third SF Branch Mint
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