rare coin collecting (5 MODULES)

Rare Coin collecting is the world's oldest hobby since recorded history, known as the hobby of Kings.

These interactive online courses are filled with numismatic knowledge with dozens of modules to choose from, covering hundreds of rare coin topics.

Numismatics is both fascinating and profitable… every rare coin has a story to be told, it's a moment in history and time, sealed forever in precious metals, proudly displaying its legacy and beauty in tangible, monetary art, skillfully engraved by the U.S. Mint's Chief Engravers and renown artists and sculptors.

Success leaves clues, and learning about a coins "DNA" (Distinct Numismatic Attributes, has guided collectors in assembling the finest collections that have left a legacy to their commitment to excellence.

Numismatic museums now preserve and protect many of these great collections and their historic pedigrees, so that aspiring collectors and future generations can enjoy and learn from them.

Tremendous coin hoards and shipwrecks have been discovered, bringing to light these hidden numismatic treasures and many still awaiting to be discovered today.

Explore the depths and diversity of rare coin collecting, gain a new appreciation of our coinage, and learn the secrets of the legendary collectors who left clues behind for successful and profitable collecting.

Coin Collecting Demand (The Hobby of Kings)

Length: 40 minutes
  • Topic 1: Bitten By The Coin Bug
  • Topic 2: Early Coin Collecting
  • Topic 3: Numismatic Excitement
  • Topic 4: Hobby To Industry
  • Topic 5: Moving Markets
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Rare Coin Collecting Advantages (Tangible Diversification)

Length: 48 minutes
  • Topic 1: History In Your Hands
  • Topic 2: Numismatic Art
  • Topic 3: Hobby & Investment
  • Topic 4: Supply & Demand
  • Topic 5: Profits & Appreciation
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Rare Coin Museums (Historical Collections)

Length: 43 minutes
  • Topic 1: Mint Cabinet Collection
  • Topic 2: Smithsonian Collection
  • Topic 3: ANA Museum
  • Topic 4: ANS Museum
  • Topic 5: Numismatic Museums
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Rare Coin Collectors (Great Collections)

Length: 76 minutes
  • Topic 1: Museum Quality Collections
  • Topic 2: Great Collectors & Collections
  • Topic 3: Notable Collectors
  • Topic 4: Family Collections
  • Topic 5: Famous Collectors
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Hoards & Shipwrecks (Hidden Treasures)

Length: 69 minutes
  • Topic 1: Coin Hoards of the 19th Century
  • Topic 2: Coin Hoards of the 20th Century
  • Topic 3: Shipwrecks of the 19th Century
  • Topic 4: Lost Sunken Treasures
  • Topic 5: Hidden Treasures
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