rare coin industry suite (5 modules)

The Rare Coin Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry world-wide, and growing. Numismatic Associations set the standards and guidelines and provide education and support for the industry.

Third-Party Grading and certification makes collecting and investing in rare coins a safe environment and ensures the quality of the coins graded.

Building a rare coin collection for fun or profit takes time and knowledge, it doesn't happen overnight. Learn the art of purchasing the right coins at the right price. There are numerous numismatic resources available from publications, pricing guides, and websites to help guide you along.

Attending industry con shows and auctions is a great way to purchase coins and network with hundreds of coin buyers and sellers in a single location, multiple times a year, all over the country.

Learn about the Rare Coin Industry and the tremendous resources available to the novice to experienced coin collector and investor.

Coin Associations & Organizations (Industry Resources)

Length: 24 minutes
  • Topic 1: ANS - American Numismatic Society
  • Topic 2: ANA - American Numismatic Association
  • Topic 3: PNG - Professional Numismatists Guild
  • Topic 4: ICTA Industry Council for Tangible Assets
  • Topic 5: Numismatic Industry Resources
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Coin Grading & Certification (Third Party Authentication)

Length: 48 minutes
  • Topic 1: Early Coin Descriptions
  • Topic 2: The Sheldon System
  • Topic 3: Grades & Descriptions
  • Topic 4: Third Party Grading
  • Topic 5: Grading Enhancements
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Coin Purchasing (Sales & Marketing)

Length: 58 minutes
  • Topic 1: Sales Channels
  • Topic 2: Media Channels
  • Topic 3: Industry Publications
  • Topic 4: Internet Resources
  • Topic 5: Pricing Resources)
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Coin Auctions (Buying & Selling)

Length: 37 minutes
  • Topic 1: Early Coin Auctions & Growth
  • Topic 2: Anatomy of an Auction
  • Topic 3: Selling & Buying at Auctions
  • Topic 4: Auction Companies & Resources
  • Topic 5: Internet Online Auctions

Coin Shows (Conventions & Expos)

Length: 35 minutes
  • Topic 1: Anatomy of a Coin Show
  • Topic 2: Local Coin Clubs & Shows
  • Topic 3: Regional Coin Shows
  • Topic 4: National Coin Shows
  • Topic 5: Coin Show Strategies


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