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History of U.S. Coinage Suite (5 Modules)

  • Early Americas (17th to 18th Century)
  • The Young Republic (Late 18th to Mid 19th Century)
  • The Gold Rush (1848 - 1855)
  • The Civil War (1861 - 1865)
  • The Gilded Age (1865 - 1914)
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History of U.S. Mints Suite (5 Modules)

  • U.S. Mint at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1793 To Present)
  • U.S. Mint at Charlotte, North Carolina (1835 To 1861)
  • U.S. Mint at Dahlonega, Georgia (1838 To 1861)
  • U.S. Mint at New Orleans, Louisiana (1838 To 1909)
  • U.S. Mint at San Francisco, California (1854 To Present)
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Rare Coin Industry Suite (5 Modules)

  • Coin Associations & Organizations (Industry Resources)
  • Coin Grading & Certification (Third Party Authentication)
  • Coin Purchasing (Sales & Marketing)
  • Coin Auctions (Buying & Selling)
  • Coin Shows (Conventions & Expos)
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Rare Coin Collecting Suite (5 Modules)

  • Coin Collecting Demand (The Hobby of Kings)
  • Rare Coin Collecting Advantages (Tangible Diversification)
  • Rare Coin Museums (Historical Collections)
  • Rare Coin Collectors (Great Collections)
  • Hoards & Shipwrecks (Hidden Treasures)
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Rare Coin Investing Suite (5 Modules)

  • Coin Investing Essentials (Portfolio Strategies)
  • Coin Market Dynamics (Supply & Demand)
  • Building a Rare Coin Portfolio (Coin Types & Series)
  • Tangible Asset Investing (Numismatic Portfolios)
  • Portfolio Management (Wealth Preservation)
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